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See what my students say...


David Wald

Actor, Voice Over Artist
 Nominated 2013 Voice Actor of the Year BTVA Anime Dub Awards


"Rebecca has given me tools I’ve used in every performance since I had the good fortune to workshop with her in Prague in 2013. Her mastery of Linklater’s method is inarguable, her insight is invaluable, and her capacity to illuminate is immeasurable."

Laura Baranik

New York, NY


"Through her precise and passionate application of the Linklater technique, Rebecca helped me discover a voice I didn't know I had.  Where past teachers had taught me to mimic a particular type of sound, Rebecca encouraged me to reach deep inside myself to find a voice that is authentic, free, and uniquely my own. "

Rachel Adler

Founder & Artistic Director
Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory

"Rebecca's brilliant and compassionate teaching inspires her students to move beyond where they thought possible. Her teaching reverberates through every one of them, effecting growth and transformation in them -- and as powerfully, in those around them. She is an extraordinary and deeply passionate conduit of the work!"

Teresa Spencer
Washington, DC

"Rebecca's emphasis on Shakespeare's language as a bodily experience that must be channeled through the actors whole self -- voice, body, mind and heart -- continues to be the starting pint from which I rehearse each character. "

Ariel Trocino

Chicago, IL


" Rebecca was my first vocal and acting coach. From her coaching, I derive my strong work ethic, my fearlessness in the face of challenging text and my deep and life long love of Shakespeare. "

Jared Doreck

Prague, Czech Republic

" Rebecca has a wonderful balance between professionalism and woohoo!  Her excitement and experience with rhetoric and voice is joyfully inspiring. "


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