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Voice Training

 I am thrilled, after 10 years of coaching and teaching,  
to announce my designation as a certified Linklater Voice Teacher! 


Linklater Voice provides a clear method by which anyone—from professional actor to business communicator to everyday speaker—can understand and improve his or her voice. We use our voices all day long: in the home, the workplace, outdoors, for fun and for profit. The voice is deeply personal and Linklater workshops reconnect you with your desire to communicate while restoring your voice to its full expressive capacity. The human voice has three to four octaves of sounds that can accurately reveal thoughts, emotions, impulses and ideas—Linklater Voice offers the power and pleasure of voice consciousness.

                                                                            -- Kristin Linklater (from her website see link below)

See which kind of coaching is right for you!

Voice for Actors

  • Private Small Group Lessons in the Linklater Progression of Excercises

  • Targeted Coaching Sessions for Auditions or Performance

  • Rates range from $55-$65/hour for individuals and $75-250/hour for classes 


Voice  for Theaters


Voice forBusness Professionals

Private coaching for business professionals looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills or public speaking.  This coaching might be helpful if you are...   

  • A teacher or professional who consistently loses your voice due to strain

  • A public figure who depends on your voice to communicate your vision for others

  • An professional with an important presentation to give

  • Anyone whose vocal habits inhibit your confidence and keep you from achieving your goals

Proud member of 
Voice & Speech Trainers Association

Find out more about 
Kristin Linklater & Linklater Voice

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