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Shakespeare Embodied

Everything you need to play Shakespeare is in the language.  
The texture, rhythms and patterns work on the actor and through the actor.  We must learn to hear it, and embody it.  

As a classical acting teacher and text coach for the past twenty years, I have always believed deeply in the actor's visceral and emotional connection to Shakespeare's poetry.  In 2007, I began to realize that while actor training often included how to use the sounds of language and the iambic metrical rhythms, there was very little that deeply addressed Shakespeare's rhetorical patterning.  Asking the question, "Why would Shakespeare - the successful man of theater - have used these so called literary devices, this oranmental language, so ubiquitously if his actors could not use it and it did not serve the play and the audience?" I began to create (and continue to develop) a physical and theatrical way to train actors to use Shakespeare's language on stage.  It is not an intellectual pursuit.  It is physical -- deeply connecting the actor's psyche with that of Shakespeare through his language.


Bring this cutting edge approach to acting Shakespeare to your  work, your theater or your school


  • Private Coaching that helps an actor get the most out of his or her classical audition or role - or deepens their work overall

  • A 'Rhetoric Residency" -- an intensive exploration of Playing Shakespeare's Patterns for University or Theater Companies
    (Tailored individually, serving 6-16 actors with 3-15 hours of instruction and possible performance component)

  • Engaging and interactive Masterclasses that are perfect for lovers of Shakespeare on and off stage
    (including Why Shakespeare Wrote Like He Did, Playing Shakespeare's Patterns, The Folio and Shakespeare's Books, and indindividually tailored lectures looking at specific plays.)


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